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Choice Flame Newspaper is the mouthpiece of the Catholic Diocese of Enugu; reaching out to our numerous readers within and outside the diocese. We Feature the works of the Church's best messengers, Most Rev. C.V.C Onaga and his crew of disciples.

Here, you find inspirational events, news, announcements, videos, audios, books etc and the Enugu Diocesan Catholicism evangelization. These keep us committed to our course "dispelling darkness".

This is the most ambitious efforts by Enugu Diocese ever to promote the Catholic Faith to the rest of the world. The Choice Flame is geared towards demonstrating the beauty and depths of the Church, proclaiming the Catholic faith with clarity and interest and in our own terms. This will serve as an exciting way for families, parishes, schools and institutions to learn and teach Catholicism.

Our vast coverage platform and scope give our customers leverage for their businesses and events. Our trained journalists and editors are there to meet the information needs of our customers. Visit our website today, join our mailing list and feel free to contribute to the Enugu Diocesan Catholics Evangelism.




With the apostolic mandate of Christ “go into the whole world and preach the good-news” (Mark 16:15), the church received the responsibility of feeding the body and soul of her members. Down the ages and through different epochs in her history, the church has made frantic efforts in carrying this mission charged to her care by Christ through various means and media. In the present age, the electronic and print media present a veritable medium through which the church could reach out to the body and soul of her members with the view of keeping both the body and soul actively together bearing in mind the Latin dictum Mensana in Copore Sano which literarily translates into “a healthy mind in a healthy body”.

This was the birth of The Choice Flame Newspaper in the Catholic Diocese of Enugu with a view of reaching out to the Faithful within and outside the diocese. The Choice Flame Newspaper is a serial publication of the Catholic Diocese of Enugu, Holy, Ghost Cathedral, Ogui, Enugu, formed to help in the spreading of the good works of God through creative application of writing and reaching out to the world in various forms especially through the print media.

The Choice Flame Newspaper was founded in 1992 with Msgr. Chima Nwamadi (then Rev. Fr. Nwamadi) as the first director/ editor-in-chief of the newspaper. The succession of the leadership of The Choice Flame Newspaper since its inception is as follows;
» Msgr. Chima Nwamadi 1992- 1994
» Rev. Fr. Godfrey Oleri 1994- 1998
» Rev. Fr. Celestine Aniakor 1998- 1999
» Rev. Fr. John Amadi 1999
» Rev. Fr. Evans Offor 1999- 2006
» Rev. Fr. Benjamin Achi 2007- 2010
» Rev. Fr. Samuel Ogwudile 2010- 2013
» Rev. Fr. Linus Okwu 2013- 2014
» Rev. Fr. Longinus Ugonwa 2014- till date

Our motto is Dispelling Darkness and this forms the onus of the organization towards a better use of the print media to get the Faithful within and outside the boundaries of the Catholic Diocese of Enugu informed about matters of their faith and allied issues of contemporary relevance. Our online and wide range of distribution avail our esteemed customers veritable platform to market and showcase their businesses as well as social events. Our commitment is to give out the best in print media with the assistance of our trained journalists and editors.

All correspondence should be addressed to the Choice Flame Office, Catholic Secretariat, Box 302, Enugu, Enugu State or dchoiceflame@yahoo.com

Bishop Callistus V.C. Onaga Chairman/C.E.O.
Very. Rev. Jeosph Offor
Director of Communications Catholic of Enugu
Rev. Fr. Longinus Ugonwa Managing Director/Editor in Chief